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The Summer Capital of the Philippines

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I was lucky enough to work at one point in a Catholic University where Spiritual Retreat was one of the annual activities.

This spiritual rendezvous brought us away from Davao allowing us to see the other side of life far away from the workplace. In 2008, we went to Baguio City and alas! It was my first time to board a plane, waaaah! And what made it super special was that we left Davao exactly on my birthday, April 3. It was a fabulous experience in the country's summer capital. I got to find out also the chilling environment of Baguio and what it was like living in slopes and hills! We'd a wonderful retreat master, a Jesuit from Ateneo de Manila, who made us feel relax, unleashing humours which drooled us in laughter.

Normally, our retreat session lasted only three days and after that it's time for us to explore the place. We spent 5 days in the city of Pines. We started our day with a visit in the Strawberry Farm in Trinidad, Benguet. It was so cold, the environment was chilling, good I brought a thick jacket. The Strawberry Farm was a little bit far from the city proper, but the soothing environment of the countryside made the trip incredibly relaxing and peaceful.

Then we visited the Grotto of Our Lady of Lourdes. It was in this area that I had to force myself to endure the fear of a trekking adventure. I am acrophobic, that, is, I have this unexplainable fear of heights, it really scares me to death climbing long stairs and tallest structures. So when I saw the vertical structure of the Grotto I was so afraid, but being left behind was more terrifying than the idea of climbing the stairs, so I gathered enough courage to combat my fears and made it!

I was trembling when I took my few steps on the upper stairs. To minimize my fear, I never looked back below and just continued climbing the stairs until we reached the peak and able to see the statues of the Blessed Virgin Mary.

After visiting Grotto, we went back to the Betannia Retreat House to take our breakfast. After eating our meal, we continued with our city tour, the first itinerary was at The Mansion, then hopped in at the White Horse at the Wright Park.

One thing I detested about this tour was my nausea, which I often experienced when the road is bumpy and the had a spiral landscape. So when we went to Camp John Hay to visit the Philippine Military Academy, my stomach gave in. I vomitted terribly. It was lunch time when we arrived at the Burnham Park. I was in no mood to eat food, I just filled in my stomach with crackers.

We seated for a while at Burnham Park then went to the Market to buy goods and other souvenir items. It was approaching evening when we went back to Betannia.

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